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One year has passed since the benefit concerts of 7 September 2008 (Chapiteau de l’Ecole du Cirque: Girls in Hawaii, The Tellers and Françoiz Breut).  Today we are very happy to share some really good news (and pictures!) with you... 

Thanks to the benefit concerts, the generous gifts of individuals and the support of our many sponsors, the Waamaproject has been able to send a sum of 6.000 € to the village of Waama in Tanzania. During 2009 the Waama-community has used this money to concretize three important projects:   

1. The building of a sanitary installation (24 toilets) for the primary school.
This initiative has been realized by the villagers in collaboration with a local organization (ADRA). 



2. The extension of the maternity section (3 rooms in stead of 1) in the local clinic and the purchase of new equipment (mattresses, sterilizer,...).

3. The constitution of an emergency fund  for the urgent support (food and water) of families suffering from the drought.  

 But there’s more...

In March 2009 we have requested help from the a.i.s.b.l. Femmes d’Europe asking them financial aid to develop a new project in Waama which focusses on better conditions for pupils and teachers in the local primary school (for example the installation of solar lighting). Due to the international financial crisis this organization has unfortunately not been able to help us this time, but we hope to have more luck next year.

Your support and financial help are precious and vital for the realization of existing and new initiatives in Waama.

Thank you!


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