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Waama has become an important village in the region, not only because of the dispensary but also because the villagers decided to build a primary school. The Tanzanian law stipulates that the local population has to build, using its own means, the walls of the school up to the windows. Only then the government pays to finish the walls and to build a roof.

Today over 400 pupils from the area attend the lessons in the three school buildings. Some of them walk 10 miles every day to reach the school… Very often they study on an empty stomach and most of them are wearing the only piece of clothing they possess: their school uniform. The schoolrooms are overpopulated and there’s a shortage of books and educational material.

The teachers and their families live in little pavilions on the school grounds and have no kitchen or running water.
Notwithstanding the want of means, the students appear to be highly motivated and the school has an excellent reputation in the Mbulu district.

Schoolchildren of Waama

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The ‘toilets’

An unfinished classroom already in use


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